Great Copywriting – What Does it Look Like?

Great Copywriting – What Does it Look Like?

We hope you don’t think we’re blowing our own trumpet too much when we say that we think we’ve come up with the perfect recipe for great copywriting that will capture the interest of your target audience and ultimately drive revenue!

At Sumo Marketing Group, we have a dedicated team of copywriters who have taken the time to formulate our very own ‘tone of voice’ – they’ve looked at our ethos, our team and how we want to come across to you, our clients, in order to create copywriting that really reflects our Sumo style. That same team of creatives have pulled together some simple but effective advice and tips they can help you implement into your marketing strategy to create a brand look and feel tailored to you

1.  Strike a Balance

Great content should be well-thought out, planned and should ultimately be a balanced view of what your business sets out to offer customers. We like to tell our clients that it is important to strike the balance between technical and playful – we want to excite and entertain our audience, but we also want to firmly place ourselves as technical thought-leaders who really know what they’re talking about!

The Digital Marketing Institute has forecasted that one of the biggest copywriting trends in 2023 will involve utilising short-form immersive videos e.g. TikTok videos into articles and blog posts. We absolutely love this idea – it’s something that could allow your business get an important point across to your audience in a fun and succinct way, striking the balance between entertainment and education.

Take a look at one of our Veganuary blog pieces for client, Eden Farm Hulleys; our copywriting experts have worked to entice readers with talk of tasty vegan ice creams and syrupy ice lollies, but have ensured to keep the article relevant to business clients who are looking to capitalise on sales of vegan products in January. Striking a balance was also incredibly important when we worked with our client, MGM Construction, to write a blog post on fire door safety – writing in a way that will keep your audience reading but also adequately inform them is a skill that our expert copywriters can most certainly help you with.

2. Know Your Audience

Content creation for your business is, in many ways, a lot like a sales pitch – you’ve got a huge amount of information you want to get across to your audience but you need to firstly pique their interest and then hold onto it for the entirety of the pitch.

Yes, you need to have done your research into what you’re pitching but we have a secret to share with you: one of the best ways to do that and to get your audience on side is to be mindful of who it is you’re talking to. Know your audience! Get to grips with who your audience are, what their priorities are and what question they really need to know the answer to.

Show customers that you’re really thinking about your product or services by producing content that is written in a tone of voice specific to:

  1. Either B2B or B2C
  2. The look and feel of your brand
  3. What will appeal to your target audience

Take it a step further by being empathic! You can’t really go wrong by being aware of the climate in which you are advertising, whether that be the economic, political or social climate. The last thing you want to do is to inflame your potential customers, so start by putting yourself in their shoes and considering what they want to see and hear and what they want to get out of what they’re reading.

3. Don’t Forget Basic Digital Marketing Principles!

It’s all too easy when you’re on a creative roll and you’re getting lost in a world full of adventurous adjectives, alliteration and analogies, to forget some of the basic principles of digital marketing that will ensure your masterpiece is seen on the right platforms and by the most people.

The simplest way of demonstrating digital marketing prowess in copywriting is by utilising relevant keywords, meta titles and meta tags. These tools will draw in your audience and give you the reputability that Google so rewards. Implement meta titles and tags, interweave keywords throughout your prose and watch customers come flocking to the blog section of your website to crown you a thought leader in SEO and in your sector.

Returning to the concept of striking a balance in your writing – this also applies to sharing the fruits of your copywriting. To achieve maximum reach, it is essential to consider the different platforms you want to share your content on. For B2B customers, LinkedIn truly is your best friend; share your latest blog post on LinkedIn to help establish your brand and lodge your company’s name firmly in the minds of your potential clients and competitors. For B2C customers, balance your copywriting across those social media channels that your audience most frequent. For example, a company selling stylish womenswear aiming to target women aged 30-50 years old might want to look into sharing content across Facebook and Instagram. Whereas, a gaming enterprise would perhaps have more success in sharing ideas on Tiktok and Snapchat!

There is lots to consider when it comes to writing genuinely effective content, but our team of experts are here to help make it simple. If you’re keen to learn more about our recipe to content marketing success, get in touch with us today at Sumo Marketing Group.

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