The Sumo Approach to Continued Success

The Sumo Approach to Continued Success

When you think about it, there are a bewildering number of ways you can market your business. You may choose to invest in state of the art graphic design and print to show off your latest products, or you may want to learn more about the ways in which SEO can help you rank higher on Google. The opportunities are pretty much endless when it comes to advertising; but in our eyes, there is only one approach that can bring you continued success.

When talking about ‘The Sumo Approach’, what we are really referring to is the way we foster long-term relationships with our clients, and work with them to develop an ‘always on’ marketing strategy. We aren’t just smooth-talking when we say that we want to truly understand you and your business, to best enable us to help you decide what your marketing aims are and should be! Our consultative approach involves sitting down with you and really getting to the bottom of what advertising channels work best for you as a business owner and the future of your organisation.

Too often in this industry, there is not enough time given to gaining a real understanding of a client’s short and long-term plans/goals. At Sumo Marketing Group, we want to know what your ambitions are for a) the next few months, b) the rest of the year and eventually c) the years to come. In doing this, we can better develop a multi-phase, dynamic marketing strategy that is entirely based on your priorities, the results and return on investment you see over your time working with us. Your success is at the forefront of our work; more specifically helping you redeploy the revenue created through our joint marketing efforts to ensure continued success is at the forefront of what we do.

Returning to the idea of ‘always on’ marketing – what does this mean? The Search Engine Journal reminds us that we live in a world where 75% of smartphone users expect immediate information on their smart devices, with a personalised service available 24/7. ‘Always on’ marketing refers to efforts made by businesses to consistently market to target audiences in small doses in a ‘drip by drip’ fashion. You can’t be personally advertising your product all of the time, so we have tools such as SEO, PPC, out of home advertising, radio, digital audio and social media at our disposal to help you reach potential customers whenever and wherever!

We will never push you down the avenue of trying to use all existing marketing channels, as we believe continued success derives from effectively using a small number of channels in an ‘always on’ manner. In short, we play the long game! Combine this with our dedication to fostering relationships with you, our clients, and we will be well on our way to helping you become and remain a relevant, successful business.

If The Sumo Approach sounds like something you would be interested in, take a look at our five star reviews on Google and get in touch with us today.

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