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Radio Advertising North East

Radio can be a very effective channel for businesses and organisations looking to talk to potential customers en-mass. Sumo Marketing Group Director David, spent 3 years at Global Media and brings with him a wealth of knowledge. This allows the Sumo team to deliver effective radio campaigns at unbeatable agency rates across Global, Bauer and Communicorp brands and with access to some of the best creatives in the industry.

Sumo Marketing Group: The Maestros of Radio Advertising

In the heart of the North East, a symphony of stellar radio advertising campaigns is being composed by Sumo Marketing Group. Recognized as a leading Radio Advertising North East agency, our resonance is felt from the iconic bridges of Newcastle to the bustling marketplaces of the UK. For businesses looking for unparalleled Radio Advertising Newcastle services, we are the partner of choice, echoing our expertise across the vast soundscape of Radio Advertising UK.

At Sumo Marketing Group we focus on getting you BIG results.


People in the UK listen to digital audio each week


Listen on a smartphone


Spent daily with their favourite content

Radio advertising produces


Revenue ROI for every one pound spent

Radio as medium is rated at only


Ad Avoidance

Why Choose Sumo Marketing Group for Radio Advertising?

Independent Agency Advantage

As an independent agency, we’re unburdened by corporate chains. This gives us the agility to strategize, innovate, and pivot, ensuring your campaign is both fresh and impactful.

Expert Planning

Our radio campaigns aren’t just spur-of-the-moment broadcasts. They’re meticulously planned masterpieces that take into account your brand’s ethos, target demographics, and prime broadcasting slots.

Best Rates in the Business

Leveraging our independence and industry connections, we secure the most competitive rates for our clients, guaranteeing optimal returns on your advertising spend.

Access to Premier Stations

Our long-standing relationships with top radio stations give our clients privileged access. Whether it’s the local frequencies of Newcastle or national UK broadcasts, your brand message will be aired on the best platforms.

Exceptional Creatives

At the core of every successful radio ad is a compelling narrative. Our team of talented creatives crafts campaigns that aren’t just heard, but remembered, driving both brand recall and audience engagement.

Driving Brand Awareness and Sales

Our radio campaigns do more than just inform; they persuade and inspire. Through standout creative initiatives, we ensure that your brand not only captures attention but also motivates action, translating to increased awareness and boosted sales.

Radio advertising, when done right, is a potent tool. At Sumo Marketing Group, we harness its potential to create memorable, effective, and resonant campaigns. Entrust your brand’s voice to us, and together, let’s make the airwaves echo with your message.

At Sumo Marketing Group we focus on getting you BIG results.