Our Story.

Once upon a time, many bowls of rice ago…

Sumo Marketing Group

In 2019, our two founding Sumos were working hard for a couple of big marketing agencies, striving to understand clients and working with them to optimise their business online. They were good at it, in fact really good at it, and while they loved it, they always felt something was missing…

What was supposed to be mutual strategising and planning, was far too often order-taking and lots of head nodding. Not to mention having to charge a small fortune, so understandably after a while it got a bit boring…

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When a smaller client came to the big agency, a lot of the time, they needed just as much help but they didn’t have the big pockets needed to work with the big agencies.

This got them thinking…

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The Sumos saw a gap in the market: creating an agency with the expertise and experience to drive all manner of businesses, big or small, to succeed online without the big price tag.

“Imagine if there was an agency out there that mirrored the big-agency-approach of being data driven and creating bespoke strategies, but didn’t charge an arm and a leg to do so?”

Sumo Marketing Group was born. 

No big offices, no big staff numbers, no big outgoings – just two Sumos determined to deliver a great service, for a good price, without compromising on quality.

Sumo Marketing Group

The Sumos studied hard, selected a skilled team from various corners of the globe to support them, and began to deliver their Sumo vision of helping their clients pay less and get more from their marketing.

And ever since, The Sumos have helped lots of businesses just like yours.

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