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In 2019, David, an experienced marketing professional, grew frustrated with the traditional agency model. After years working in large marketing firms, he recognized a gap in the market. Big or small, businesses deserved quality marketing services without the enormous costs that often came with large agencies. He believed that a new approach was needed—one that could combine the best of big-agency expertise without the associated price tag. With that idea, Sumo Marketing Group was formed.

David’s vision wasn’t about grand gestures or revolutionary changes. It was about addressing a simple yet vital need. “Imagine an agency that offers the data-driven, bespoke strategies of a large firm but doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to do so?” he pondered.

Sumo Marketing Group was his answer to that question, providing a tailored solution for businesses big and small, without compromising on quality. The focus was not on grand offices or large staff numbers but on a dedicated team determined to provide great service at a good price.

At Sumo Marketing Group, the approach is straightforward and honest. No head nodding or mere order taking, just experience-led insights and caring advice. The aim is to spend every penny of a client’s money as if it were our own, ensuring that promises are kept and results are delivered.

This isn’t just an agency; it’s a commitment to a more accessible and effective way of marketing. It’s about helping businesses, whether big or small, find success in marketing. No unnecessary expenses, no over-promising, no under-delivering—just top quality work at a fair price.

David’s vision for Sumo Marketing Group was not about rewriting the rules but about making them work better for everyone. It’s a vision that continues to guide the team, allowing them to provide the support that all businesses deserve.

If you don’t believe us, check out our Google reviews to see what our clients say.

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