Understanding Out of Home Advertising

Understanding Out of Home Advertising

What is out of home advertising? Well, put simply, it is what you have probably heard referred to as ‘traditional advertising’. It is a form of marketing your business to the masses through mediums ranging from bus stop adverts and billboards, to digital screens displaying ever-evolving content to audiences in your city centre.

Why, we hear you ask, is out of home advertising worth considering as a new string to your marketing bow? The Statista Research Department have forecasted that, as a marketing medium, out of home advertising will see a healthy 5.8% growth (the highest level of growth it has seen since the pandemic). Other businesses are well and truly getting their brand out there for people to see, and we would highly recommend you consider doing the same!

 At Sumo Marketing Group, our team of advertising experts have developed a tried and tested approach to out of home advertising. We are well-versed in working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, to create and display impactful adverts that will catch the attention of all those who see them. Whether this is in the form of vast billboards placed in strategic sites across the city, posters displayed in carefully selected locations such as metro/tube stations and on buses in your local area – we have experience with it all and can help you decide what is right for you and your business.

 It is highly likely that when we talk about out of home advertising, a couple of stand-out brands spring to mind. Have you ever been walking through your home-town and been distracted by a large, red poster on a phone box, reeling you in with images of fried chicken and ice-cold soft drinks? Or perhaps a digital screen switches over to reveal their latest deal on foot long sandwiches, with hash browns and delicious-looking cookies? National advertisers such as KFC and Subway put a lot of thought into where and how they market; it is no coincidence that their billboards and digital ads can be almost always found within 20 feet of one of their stores! You were walking along, minding your own business when that tasty looking advert made you instantly aware of your hunger – priming you to look around for that conveniently placed KFC store just over the road.

 We have the expertise to get you up there amongst these national advertisers and we work with the biggest providers of out of home advertising in the country, to capture the best possible sites for your business to show off to the public. We call these pinnacle sites ‘hero sites’ and for very good reason – the footfall around these locations is usually immense and can really help drive business and generate interest. Out of home advertising is especially useful for those tucked-away or smaller businesses who need a marketing medium that will really get their name out there into the stratosphere. Our strategy combines out of home and above the line advertising with comprehensive and intelligent digital marketing to bring you the whole package.

Another huge advantage of out of home advertising, is that it can be a very cost effective way of marketing your business. As with all advertising channels, it can be tricky to give a truly accurate picture of your expected return on investment, however we can pretty confidently say that the typical out of home advertising campaign will generate £6 revenue for every £1 spent. At Sumo Marketing Group, we have created novel ways of tracking the performance of your billboards, posters and digital ads, which we would love to chat to you about.

 If you would like to work with a marketing group that truly understands the importance of traditional marketing, as well as newer, digital marketing mediums, in building brand awareness and reaching both new and target audiences, get in touch today to discuss your business’ marketing strategy.

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