Our 2 Favourite Advertising Campaigns of 2022

Our 2 Favourite Advertising Campaigns of 2022

Another year has come and gone, and we’ve seen some truly fantastic advertising campaigns being showcased to us as businesses and consumers. We are always mesmerised by the impact that a daring, ‘out-there’ advert can have and how much conversation it can generate, both via social media channels like Twitter and TikTok, but also via word of mouth.

Whilst we’ve moved on from the days of Mad Men and Madison Avenue, where creative was the sole means for successful advertising, there is no denying that it is still a hugely important part of marketing your business or product. In a largely data-led world, where metrics and measurements are held in such high esteem by marketeers, we must remember the gargantuan role creative advertising campaigns have in driving interest and revenue.

Whether it’s a radio ad with the catchiest jingle you ever did hear, a TV advert that really pulled on your heart strings or even an interactive billboard in your city centre that really catches your eye – we all have our favourites. In light of the New Year, we sat down and thought about the two very best ad campaigns we’ve seen and loved in 2022.

‘Belvedere Presents Daniel Craig’

Now who can recall the controversial masterpiece that was 007 grooving and thrusting his way through a 5-star hotel to the sound of an original soundtrack by Rita Ora and Giggs? We would bet good money that most of you reading this have some recollection of this strangely alluring advert for the premium vodka we all know and (mostly) love!

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi has really hit the nail on the head for us, with this rebellious and exciting advert. When discussing this ad at Sumo Marketing Group HQ, we were struck by the absolute juxtaposition throughout – a quintessentially British Bond representing a Polish vodka; the implications of high society and flambuouncy woven together with the gritty mastery of British-born rapper and songwriter, Giggs. Total genius!

Taking Craig from a shaken martini and a classic tux to a new-dimensional ice-cold vodka and leather jacket has introduced a post-Bond era for the well-loved actor, but has also generated a huge amount of conversation about Belvedere Vodka. A less-than-2-minute advert has created 60 thousand ‘thumbs-up’ on Youtube and with tequila sales slowly starting to surpass those of vodka in the past couple of years, it has created the buzz about vodka that Belvedere really needed. Take a look at this brilliant advert for yourself, here.

ASDA’s Christmas Advert 2022

Each year there is a TV ad campaign battle for the best Christmas advert spot, and 2022 was no different! There were some absolute blinders this year – the nation’s sweetheart, Alison Hammond dressed as a medieval queen for Sainsbury’s, Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot and his family harking back to the ever-loved Home Alone story and John Lewis pulling on the heartstrings with an ode to children in care and families who foster, accompanied by a revised Blink 182 classic.

However, there can only be one winner for us and funnily enough this advert, like the Belvedere Vodka one, has used a world-renowned celebrity to celebrate their business and get people talking. We could only be talking about ASDA’s hilarious, festive ad that has unashamedly utilised the favour of both ‘Elf’ and Will Ferrell to claim the top spot. If you’re anything like us, this advert got a few chuckles and plenty of smiles as we recognised the top lines and gags from one of the most popular Christmas films of all-time. It just works! If for some reason you’ve been living under a rock this festive season, enjoy this feel-good masterpiece here.

Radio advertising, TV ads, social media campaigns and blog content – all intangible, but oh so important. A running theme throughout our blog posts so far (check out our other posts on our website) has been all about daring to be brave with your advertising – standing out is the way you’re going to be remembered. Be afraid of mediocrity and you will reap the rewards!

Sumo Marketing Group does not and never has wanted to fit in – our brand is far from ordinary and we wanted to make a statement. In doing this, we hope to be able to show you and help you create branding and advertising that will grab attention and stand the test of time. You never know, with our help you could be featuring in a blog post just like this next year! Get in touch with us today and fulfill your business’ advertising potential.

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