What our clients say…

“Superb service – we have been working with Sumo for a few months now on content tagging. The Sumo team have been clear and considered with their approach, and have constantly kept the SportLocker team updated with any changes or issues that they have encountered. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Sumo team to anyone looking to utilize any of their many services.”

Jamie Teather
Product Manager, SportLocker

Website: https://www.sportlocker.com/


SportLocker, the premier online destination for sports news and highlights, faced a significant challenge. With hundreds of pieces of content being added to their platform daily, they needed a robust system to efficiently organize and tag this content. The aim was to provide users with an intuitive way to access the content they desired.


To address SportLocker’s content organization and tagging needs, Sumo implemented a bespoke solution. This involved dedicating a specialized resource to SportLocker’s account. This expert utilized SportLocker’s in-house software to tag hundreds of pieces of content each day.


The collaboration between SportLocker and Sumo produced substantial results:

  1. Streamlined Content Tagging: Sumo’s dedicated resource efficiently tagged hundreds of pieces of content daily, ensuring that SportLocker’s platform remained organized and user-friendly.
  2. Resource Optimization: By entrusting Sumo with content tagging, SportLocker’s internal resource was freed up to focus on other critical aspects of their platform, enhancing overall productivity.
  3. Seamless Content Integration: Hundreds of pieces of content seamlessly found their way onto the SportLocker platform daily, enriching the user experience and ensuring that users could easily access the content they sought.


Jamie Teather, Product Manager at SportLocker, praised Sumo’s clear and considerate approach, along with their proactive communication. This collaboration not only resolved SportLocker’s content tagging challenge but also allowed them to optimize internal resources and ensure a smooth content flow to their platform, ultimately enhancing the platform’s appeal to users. Sumo’s dedication to providing tailored solutions made them a trusted partner for SportLocker’s content management needs.