What our clients say…

‘We have used Sumo Marketing Group to increase our presence both on Google and Social Media channels. They have been a pleasure to deal with, understanding our requirements, providing insight & help along the way. Would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.’

Craig Firth
Managing Director, Quora Group.

Website: https://quora-group.com/


Quora Group faced several challenges that required a comprehensive digital overhaul:

  • Website Redesign: Their existing website needed a complete overhaul to effectively represent their services and provide a better user experience.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Quora Group aimed to expand its online presence across various social media platforms to engage a broader audience effectively.
  • SEO Improvement: The company sought to improve its search engine visibility and drive more traffic to their website. This included creating case studies, partner profiles, and enriching their website with utility-enhancing photos.


Sumo Marketing Group tailored solutions to address Quora Group’s specific needs:

  • Website Revamp: Sumo Marketing Group designed and developed a new, modern, and responsive SEO website that effectively showcased Quora Group’s services.
  • Social Media Enhancement: The agency worked on improving Quora Group’s presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and X. Regularly achieving over 10,000 monthly impressions across platforms, posts frequently received 100+ likes.
  • SEO Strategy: Sumo Marketing Group conducted an audit of Quora Group’s current search rankings, competitor analysis and identified keywords that were relevant to the clients offerings and priorities. The Sumo team then got to work implementing technical, on-page and off-page SEO strategy to boost the Quora Group website up the Google search rankings.

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The collaboration between Sumo Marketing Group and Quora Group resulted in significant achievements:

  • Modern Website: Quora Group received a modern, responsive website that effectively showcased their services and improved user experience.
  • Expanded Social Media Reach: Quora Group regularly achieves over 10,000 monthly impressions across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and X, with posts regularly receiving 100+ likes.
  • SEO Success: The SEO strategy implemented by Sumo Marketing Group led to increased keyword rankings, driving more traffic to the website. Additionally, the inclusion of case studies, partner profiles, and utility-enhancing photos enriched the website’s content and utility to the business.
The transformational collaboration between Sumo Marketing Group and Quora Group revitalized their online presence. A modern website, increased social media reach, and improved SEO rankings contributed to Quora Group’s enhanced digital perception and sales potential. Sumo Marketing Group’s understanding, insights, and dedication made them a valuable partner in Quora Group’s digital journey.