What our clients say…

‘Sumo Marketing Group’s collaboration with MGM Construction has been a game-changer for our business. They spearheaded our rebrand, crafted a stunning website, and continue to drive exceptional results through their digital marketing efforts. Dave and his team are fantastic!’

Ryan Gardiner
Director, MGM Construction.

Website: https://mgmconstruction.co.uk/

Project Overview

MGM Construction, a leading player in the construction industry, partnered with Sumo Marketing Group to embark on a comprehensive two-phase project aimed at reinvigorating their brand identity and implementing ongoing digital marketing strategies.

Part 1: Laying the Groundwork

1. Rebranding and Brand Guidelines

Sumo Marketing Group took the reins of MGM Construction’s rebranding, encompassing logo redesign, a refreshing color palette, and the creation of meticulous brand guidelines to establish a consistent and contemporary visual identity.

2. Photo and Video Shoot

A comprehensive photo and video shoot were organized by Sumo Marketing Group, capturing the essence of MGM Construction’s work and team. This visual content became instrumental for subsequent marketing campaigns.

3. New Multi-Page WordPress Website

Sumo Marketing Group’s expert team designed and developed a brand-new multi-page WordPress website for MGM Construction. The result was a user-friendly online presence that effectively showcased their projects and services.

Part 2: Ongoing Digital Marketing Services

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Sumo Marketing Group executed a robust SEO strategy, resulting in substantial improvements:

  • 12 Competitive Search Terms: MGM Construction’s website, previously unranked for any competitive search terms in December 2022, now ranks for 12 competitive search terms in October 2023.
  • Top Five Rankings: Three of these search terms are now positioned in the top five places on Google.

2. Blog Work

The agency consistently produced industry-specific, keyword-rich blog content, significantly contributing to the website’s SEO efforts.

3. Website Maintenance

Sumo Marketing Group ensured ongoing website evolution, adding new pages, updating content, and keeping software up to date to maintain relevance and functionality.

4. Digital PR

Digital PR initiatives enhanced MGM Construction’s reputation and SEO efforts:

  • Increased Engagement: Significant uptick in user interactions, including likes, shares, and comments, across all platforms.
  • Extended Reach: The revamped content strategy expanded HB Clark’s content reach, touching newer audiences and potentially drawing in more clients.
  • Enhanced Brand Perception: The brand’s narrative presented in a compelling manner led to a more polished and professional perception in the digital space.


Sumo Marketing Group’s collaboration with MGM Construction has resulted in remarkable outcomes across various aspects:

  • SEO Success: Ranking for 12 competitive search terms, with three in the top five positions on Google.
  • Traffic Surge: 200%+ monthly website traffic increase.
  • Inquiries Soar: 500%+ increase in enquiries.

While there is more work ahead, these results signify a promising step in MGM Construction’s digital journey.