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“Fantastic. You’ve proved beyond doubt that you can get great traction with the right project.”

Phil Burridge
Managing Director, MGM Construction.

Ever wondered how certain companies end up in the news? Agencies, like Sumo Marketing Group, deploy press releases to broadcast a company’s key milestones thereby boosting its profile and drawing public interest. Whether it’s to launch a new product, unveil a new location, or recognise an achievement, press releases are pivotal tools for securing media coverage. These documents are crafted specifically to target media outlets directly so that the client gets the media, and public attention it deserves!

MGM Construction’s significant role in the £1.6m upgrade of the Beamish Football Centre

As the selected construction partner, MGM Construction was tasked with transforming the Beamish Football centre in Stanley, County Durham into a state-of-the-art community space designed to nurture the next generation of football talents in the North East. The project stood as testament to the company’s skill and capability in the construction industry, and it was essential to share it with the public to draw attention to MGM’s value as a dependable expert in the community.

The upgrade aimed to provide an enhanced and vibrant space that would serve the wider community and as the Director of MGM Construction, Ryan Gardiner, had expressed: would “cement Beamish Football Centre’s reputation as a major grassroots footballing force in the North East”. This was newsworthy and an exciting development, both for the public as well as for MGM Construction, who had been selected for the important role in creating this transformation.

Results of the Press Release:

The press release proved to be a resounding success, securing seventeen fantastic pieces of coverage and garnering attention from one of the most prestigious media outlets out there: BBC News! This widespread coverage not only amplified the project’s visibility but also highlighted MGM Construction’s expertise and contribution to the community’s infrastructure. Being featured on such prominent platforms underscored the company’s industry standing and enhanced its credibility, attracting potential clients and partnerships.

The success of the press release for MGM Construction also enhanced the company’s digital footprint. By skilfully incorporating relevant keywords and embedding links back to MGM Construction’s official website within the press release, the company witnessed a notable improvement in its search engine rankings. As a result, the company enjoyed increased online visibility, drawing a higher volume of web traffic to its site. This surge not only broadened MGM Construction’s audience but also bolstered its online authority and presence, crucial factors for sustaining and expanding a business in the digital age.


Sumo Marketing Group masterfully leveraged a press release to elevate MGM Construction’s profile as a credible and competent player in the construction industry. By securing coverage in respected media outlets the press release not only spotlighted MGM’s pivotal role in the Beamish Football Centre upgrade but also underscored its expertise and reliability. This strategic move:

  • Amplified MGM’s visibility among potential clients and partners
  • Enhanced the company’s online presence.
  • Created high domain authority links, boosting SEO significantly.
  • Stimulated its reputation in the construction industry.
  • Paved the way for business growth and more clients.