What our clients say…

“It’s been a pleasure working with Sumo! David and the team have an outstanding ability to understand your business, and bring their expertise to elevate all elements of your marketing output!”

Oba Akinwale
Commercial Director – Loudspeaker

Website: https://www.loudspeaker.org.uk/

The Challenge

Loudspeaker’s growth as a team and an organisation led them to recognise a need for the rejuvenation of their online presence that would reflect their new branding and empower them to develop their digital footprint going forward. The particular obstacles they faced were:

Revamping the Website: The need to entirely revamp their simple, outdated website was evident. Their current one-page Wix website wasn’t able to handle the increasing information and content that needed to be communicated to their clients. Their site needed to grow with them, with more pages, contemporary design, be optimised for search engines, and enable easy content and image management. Additionally, the website had to be designed with adaptability in mind to meet future requirements.

Brand Utilisation: The company had recently rebranded and it was essential to update their website with their new brand image. To accomplish this, Sumo Marketing Group designed their new website in a way that would convey the essence, values and personality of Loudspeakers’ brand.


Sumo Marketing Group collaborated closely with Loudspeaker to address these challenges and achieve their goals:

1. Website Redesign and Development

Sumo’s web development experts undertook the task of rebuilding Loudspeakers’ website. The new website was built with WordPress technology to include more pages that could accommodate more information and images and more modern design principles, as well as SEO optimisation. The website was developed with user-friendly features that would allow the client to easily upload and manage content. It was also designed to be scalable and future-proofed to accommodate evolving needs.

2. Brand Modernisation

Sumo’s Graphic Design team worked diligently to utilise Loudspeakers’ brand in the rebuild of their website. This involved selecting colours and contemporary fonts to create a fresh and appealing visual identity.


Sumo Marketing Group worked closely with Loudspeaker to bring about a significant improvement to their online identity and image.

  • Utilised and enhanced brand identity: The collaboration gave Loudspeaker’s brand more visibility.
  • Reconstructed Website: A brand new website was developed with a youthful, modern look and enhanced functionality while adhering to SEO best practices, keeping Loudspeaker at the forefront of the digital landscape.
  • Enhancing Client Capabilities: The partnership empowered the client with streamlined tools for uploading and managing website content and images, facilitating the maintenance of an up-to-date online presence.
  • Enhanced the Possibility for Future Growth: Sumo created a website that would evolve with Loudspeaker’s growth and future SEO strategies that they may take advantage of to develop and flourish their online presence.


The partnership with Sumo Marketing Group was a triumph, allowing Loudspeaker to rejuvenate their brand and develop a contemporary, user-friendly website tailored to their requirements. Sumo’s proficiency and commitment facilitated a smooth foray into the digital landscape, paving the way for ongoing expansion and prosperity. Loudspeaker conveyed their gratitude and plans to engage Sumo for subsequent marketing projects, affirming Sumo’s role as a reliable ally in their digital journey.