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What our clients say…

‘Shoutout to Sumo Marketing. Not only do they get it, they are showing us how to get it.’

Jay MacKay
Managing Director HB Clark.

Website: https://www.hbclark.co.uk


As one of the UK’s foremost wholesale distributors of beers, wines, and spirits, HB Clark enjoys an impressive annual turnover exceeding ¬£80 million. Primarily serving bars, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs across the UK, they’re a subsidiary of Kitwave Plc. HB Clark recently embarked on a digital transformation journey, including the introduction of online ordering through their state-of-the-art website, hbclark.co.uk. While this move streamlined their processes and brought them up-to-speed with modern business practices, it also created a challenge. The company recognized the need to amplify their brand across popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and especially LinkedIn to align with their new digital image and better connect with their audience.


To boost HB Clark’s social media image in sync with their new digital era, they entrusted Sumo Marketing Group. The strategy was defined in three central phases:

1. Social Media Strategy & Presence:

Recognising the potential of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, a comprehensive posting strategy was devised. This covered everything from company updates to ‘meet the team’ features and vital industry news. Through consistent and engaging content, the intention was to cement HB Clark’s digital footprint and make them synonymous with industry leadership.

2. Content Creation:

To truly encapsulate the essence of HB Clark’s operations, the Sumo Marketing Group team went to film on-site. They spent significant time at HB Clark’s head office, warehouse, and with their dedicated drivers. Moreover, they also visited one of their customers locations to film an insightful ‘day in the life of an HB Clark customer’ video. This footage journeyed from the initial online order on their revamped website, all the way to order fulfilment and final delivery. The video is accessible for viewing here.

3. Blogs & Content Strategy:

Crafting a robust content strategy was paramount. The focus was on curating insightful blogs that offered valuable industry insights, a peek into the inner workings of HB Clark, and coverage of upcoming events such as trade shows. This rich content not only served as shareable snippets for social media but also greatly aided in their SEO efforts.


While detailed statistics are still in the works, initial findings are promising:

  • Increased Engagement: A significant uptick in user interactions, including likes, shares, and comments, has been observed across all platforms.
  • Extended Reach: With the revamped content strategy, HB Clark has seen its content reach expand, touching newer audiences and potentially drawing in more clients.
  • Enhanced Brand Perception: The concerted efforts to present the brand’s narrative in a compelling manner have led to a more polished and professional perception of HB Clark in the digital space.


HB Clark’s collaboration with Sumo Marketing Group epitomizes the potent transformation a brand can achieve with a well-executed digital strategy. By tapping into the pulse of social media and merging it with insightful content, the company has significantly elevated its brand perception, reach, and engagement. As they continue on this path, we eagerly anticipate the detailed statistics that will surely underline their success in the social media sphere.