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What our clients say…

‘Sumo Marketing have been world class…this has led me to use Sumo for our other 7 trading entities. I can’t sing their praises enough, nice people. Knowledgeable but also willing to go over and above.’

Michael Young
Commercial Director

Website: https://www.eden-farm.co.uk/


After investing in a digital transformation project, Eden Farm, one of Kitwave Plc’s divisions, made a significant transition to allow existing and new customers to order online, rather than just via a call centre. This innovative change demanded an immediate boost in online visibility to make the website more prominent on Google and attract new customers. Eden Farm thus teamed up with Sumo Marketing Group, specifically for SEO and content services.


Sumo Marketing’s comprehensive approach to SEO concentrated on the following key areas:

1. Technical SEO:

This involved focusing on optimizing the site structure, enhancing Meta tags, and adhering to Google’s best practices. These technical optimizations ensured that the website was easily crawlable and indexable by search engines, leading to better visibility.

2. Content – Blogs:

Regular blogs were developed, centering on Eden Farm’s target keywords. This content-driven approach not only helped with rankings but also engaged visitors by providing valuable insights and information relevant to their interests.

3. Outreach and Backlinks:

An effective outreach strategy was deployed to gain high-quality backlinks from reputable sites. These backlinks were instrumental in boosting the site’s authority and rankings for the targeted keywords.


  • Significant Ranking Improvement: Prior to working with Sumo Marketing, Eden Farm’s best keyword ranking was at 14th on search, and the worst was at 88th. After 16 months of dedicated collaboration, edenfarm.co.uk is now number 1 in the UK for 17 out of 20 targeted search phrases.
  • Increased Organic Traffic: More than 11,000 monthly visitors now find the site through organic search, reflecting a substantial increase in Eden Farm’s visibility online.
  • Substantial Increase in Orders: The enhanced online presence has contributed to the £1m+ of orders placed on the site each month, adding massive lifetime value to Eden Farm’s customer base.


Sumo Marketing’s strategic and multifaceted approach to SEO has been instrumental in Eden Farm’s successful digital transformation. The focus on technical SEO, particularly in site structure, Meta tags, and adherence to Google’s best practices, alongside a robust content and backlink strategy, has resulted in remarkable improvements in keyword rankings, organic traffic, and order volume. Eden Farm’s rise from relative obscurity on Google to a prominent position demonstrates the power of well-executed SEO in a company’s transition to the digital age.