What our clients say…

“We used Sumo to develop our new website in early 2021 and have not looked back since. Since then we are using their SEO services and it has had a positive impact on our business. The team are responsive, helpful and nothing but patient! I would highly recommend Sumo for all your web and marketing needs.”

Lucy Gregson
Business Development Director, Callerton Kitchens and Interiors.

Website: https://callertonkitchens.co.uk/

The Challenge

Callerton Kitchens and Interiors, distinguished for their unparalleled quality workmanship and design excellence in bespoke kitchens and interior spaces, recognised the need to overhaul their simplistic one-page website.

Their goal was to create an online platform that would not only showcase their extensive expertise and bespoke services but also significantly enhance their brand visibility.

Their updated website needed to accurately reflect the high caliber of their design capabilities and the personalised service they offer, to drive business growth and to connect with a broader audience seeking exceptional design solutions.


Sumo Marketing Group collaborated closely with Callerton Kitchens and Interiors to transition from their basic one-page website to a comprehensive, multi-page WordPress platform, specifically designed to showcase a vast array of images that highlight their bespoke kitchen and interior designs.
Recognising the importance of a strong digital presence, Sumo Marketing Group also embarked on a meticulous process with Callerton Kitchens to pinpoint industry-specific keywords, laying the groundwork for a robust SEO campaign. This strategic initiative was aimed at boosting the website’s traffic, modernising its appearance, and enhancing its functionality, with the ultimate goal of securing a higher position in Google’s rankings.

Through these concerted efforts, Sumo Marketing Group and Callerton Kitchens aimed to not only reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and design excellence but also to drive significant business growth through improved online visibility.


Sumo Marketing Group achieved remarkable success in crafting a rich, image-centric website for Callerton Kitchens and Interiors, which not only highlighted the brand’s sophisticated projects but also optimised the site for search engines and enhanced online visibility.

In 2021, when Callerton Kitchens and Interiors enlisted Sumo to revamp and enhance their website, they weren’t appearing in Google’s search rankings.

Today, Sumo’s strategic approach to SEO has strengthened the site’s online presence:

  • 1st in 7 Key Search Results
  • 2nd in 3 Key Search Results
  • 37% increase in Website Traffic since Sumo Marketing Group came on board

Future Growth

Callerton Kitchens has recently partnered with Sumo Marketing Group to launch paid social media campaigns and to manage their blog content, aiming to strengthen their SEO efforts. We are excited and optimistic about the potential outcomes of this expanded strategy, which we believe will significantly contribute to enhanced online growth and an increase in customer inquiries.