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What our clients say…

”Sumo Marketing have been fantastic, the team are very knowledgeable and since taking over our Google Ads account our return on ad spend increased by 800%’.

Gavin Oliver
Managing Director- Burts Online

Website: http://burts.co.uk/


Burts.co.uk, renowned for specializing in affordable flooring solutions, has always been a pivotal player in the UK’s online flooring market. As an e-commerce entity, driving quality traffic to their website was paramount for success. While they possessed an impeccable range of products, they were confronted with the challenge of optimally harnessing Google Ads to maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS). Prior campaigns, while effective to an extent, did not truly encapsulate the potential ROI they aimed for.


Recognizing the vast potential and the need for a specialized approach, Burts.co.uk collaborated with Sumo Marketing Group. The Google Ads strategy was overhauled in three pivotal phases:

  1. Keyword Optimization & Targeting: Sumo Marketing Group conducted an exhaustive keyword analysis, identifying gaps and potential opportunities. The aim was to target high-intent keywords that would not just drive traffic but result in conversions.
  2. Ad Creatives and Landing Page Synergy: The team at Sumo Marketing Group closely collaborated with Burts.co.uk‘s web team to ensure that the ad creatives perfectly mirrored the landing pages. By ensuring cohesive messaging and an optimized user journey, the potential for conversions was maximized.
  3. Data Analytics & Iteration: With the modern digital landscape being ever-evolving, Sumo Marketing Group emphasized the need for regular data analysis. They set up comprehensive tracking, gauging the performance of each ad set, and continuously iterating based on real-time feedback.


The numbers spoke louder than words:
800% ROAS: Since Sumo Marketing Group took over the Google Ads campaigns, Burts.co.uk saw an astounding 800% increase in their Return on Ad Spend, a testament to the optimized campaigns and strategies implemented.
Higher Quality Traffic: Not only was there a surge in traffic, but the visitors were also highly targeted, leading to better on-site engagement and conversion rates.
Reduced Ad Spend: Through smart keyword targeting and continuous optimization, unnecessary ad spends were curtailed, ensuring that every pound spent was directed towards genuine potential customers.


Burts.co.uk‘s association with Sumo Marketing Group is a testament to the transformative power of an adeptly managed Google Ads campaign. By focusing on the specifics and continuously evolving with data insights, Burts.co.uk has not just improved its online visibility but has also seen unparalleled returns. This collaboration stands as a hallmark example for e-commerce entities aiming to genuinely maximize their digital ad spends.