What our clients say…

“I can’t thank the team at Sumo Marketing enough, special thanks due to Alex who has literally held my hand throughout a new website build. Nothing was ever an issue, all questions and queries were answered, and the final result is a slick new website bringing us bang up to date. So well done Sumo Marketing; I will not hesitate to recommend your services and will be a returning customer for sure.”

Emily Archibald
Director – Archibald Buildings

Website: https://archibald-buildings.co.uk/


Archibald Buildings faced the challenge of revitalising their brand identity and modernising their online presence. The specific challenges included:

  1. Brand Refresh: Archibald Buildings recognised the need for a brand refresh, including modernising their logo, colour scheme, and fonts. Sumo Marketing Group’s Graphic Design team was enlisted to help achieve this goal.
  2. Website Redesign: Their existing website required a complete overhaul to align with modern design standards, ensure SEO friendliness, and provide the client with the ability to easily upload and manage images and content. The new website also needed to be future-proofed to accommodate evolving needs.


Sumo Marketing Group collaborated closely with Archibald Buildings to address these challenges and achieve their goals:

  1. Brand Modernisation: Sumo’s Graphic Design team worked diligently to modernise Archibald Buildings’ brand. This included redesigning the logo, updating colours, and selecting contemporary fonts to create a fresh and appealing visual identity.
  2. Website Redesign and Development: Sumo’s web development experts undertook the task of redesigning Archibald Buildings’ website. The new website was built with modern design principles, SEO optimisation, and user-friendly features that allowed the client to easily upload and manage images and content. It was also designed to be scalable and future-proofed to accommodate evolving needs.


The collaborative efforts between Sumo Marketing Group and Archibald Buildings resulted in transformative outcomes:

  • Brand Modernisation: Archibald Buildings’ brand received a fresh and contemporary look, with updated logos, colours, and fonts that align with current design trends.
  • Slick New Website: The website redesign delivered a modern and user-friendly online platform that met SEO standards, enabling Archibald Buildings to stay current and competitive.
  • Client Empowerment: The client gained the ability to efficiently upload and manage images and content on the website, ensuring they could keep their online presence up to date.


The successful collaboration with Sumo Marketing Group enabled Archibald Buildings to not only refresh their brand but also attain a modern and responsive website that met their needs. Sumo’s expertise and dedication ensured a seamless transition into the digital era, setting the stage for future growth and success. Archibald Buildings expressed their satisfaction and intention to return for future marketing endeavours, solidifying Sumo as a trusted partner for their digital needs.