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What our clients say…

We’ve used Sumo Marketing for our radio advert on capital and have found David and his team very professional, trustworthy and easy to talk to. The ads they have come up with are great and since using Sumo our enquiries have picked up quite a lot!
There is no constant up-sell unlike other marketing agencies, we feel like they have our best interests and heart and are not looking for a quick sale.

We would definitely recommend Sumo and will continue to use them going forward.
Nathan Green

Website: https://www.0800rewire.com


0800 Rewire, a domestic electrical re-wiring company, faced the challenge of increasing enquiries. To meet this objective, they turned to Sumo Marketing Group to harness the power of audio advertising with Capital Radio in Tyne & Wear, targeting their specific audience.


Sumo Marketing Group’s strategy was aligned with 0800 Rewire’s goals, focusing on:

1. Station Identification:

Capital Radio in Tyne & Wear was selected, perfectly matching 0800 Rewire’s target market of first-time homebuyers, with over 250,000 weekly listeners in the desired region.

2. Creative Development:

Sumo’s experienced team created a unique, catchy on-air brand identity for 0800 Rewire, handling licensing and voicing to increase brand recognition.

3. Frequency and Media Buying:

Sumo’s media buyers ensured that the ads were on-air frequently and at optimal times, achieving maximum reach.


  • Substantial Increase in Enquiries: The audio advertising campaign led to a significant boost in enquiries for 0800 Rewire. This increase was so substantial that the 0800 Rewire team were operating at capacity, showcasing the effectiveness of Sumo Marketing Group’s strategy.


Sumo Marketing Group’s tailored approach successfully made 0800 Rewire locally famous, achieving the primary objective of a stark increase in enquiries. Their targeted strategy and execution delivered the desired results, demonstrating the potential of well-crafted audio advertising.